Eve Angel

I'm Eve Angel. I was born in 1983, 19th of May, in Budapest, Hungary.

I have a sister and a brother. My sister is younger than me by 13 years and my brother is older by 2. I was his present for his 2nd birthday, since he was born on 19th of May also. I donít know if he was happy about that, but we were playing that cat-and-mouse game for a long time. Today we are in a good relationship. We manage a design company together.

During my years in primary school, I wasnít very different from my ordinary classmates. I was a bit shy, but I would stand up for myself if I needed too. I liked to play sports very much and have played all kinds of sports. In secondary school, I wasnít a very good girl. I developed an attitude and would talk back to everyone. I also turned into a real party girl. This was how I behaved until graduation. Since graduation, I have calmed down quite a bit and matured. I enjoy going for a walk or spending time having fun with my sister. I also have been travelling quite a lot, which I love. I have seen almost every ruin of all the castles in Hungary. I got into the modeling business via a girlfriend of mine. I wasnít eighteen when she mentioned that there is an opportunity for me to do this. Until I became 18, I concentrated hard on learning everything I could about being a model. After my 18th birthday, I became a model and put all I had learned to good use. My earlier shoots were mostly all boy/girl scenes. Now, I only work with beautiful women and I enjoy this much more. In the beginning the money and travelling was what I wanted out of modeling. Today, I model because it is fun and it is something that I truly enjoy. Eve Angel.

I had this preconceived notion that there are a lot of girls who have the beauty, but no brains in this industry. This is not the case as I soon learned. I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with some very beautiful and intelligent women, many of whom I've become friends with. On my site, youíll be able to see some of those with whom I have a very good relationship. My hobbies: reading exciting books, walking in nature, dogging in the parks (I have a staffordshire bullterrier and a mutt). I like to cook, obviously because I like to eat so much. This is usually a guy-thing, maybe thatís why I like girls also. ;-) I'm more attracted to brunettes, however my girlfriends are mostly blondes. I like average girls, who radiate through personality and looks. I like when a person knows what they want, whether it would be a man or a woman. I donít like men who are too into their sports. I prefer the average everday kind of guy, the ones you are most likely to randomly meet on the street. There must be also be something in his eyes that grabs my attention. A sense of kindness with a bit of the wild side to him. He has to have a sense of humor and be bold enough to approach me on the street. I've never bitten anyone's head off for introducing himself to me. I prefer brunettes with an average build and not taller than me by more than 3 heads. Your Eve Angel.

Eve Angel

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